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Rules of Business Texting


It is important to note that most businesses are moving away from calls to the use of business texts. The use of texting and other forms of communications are on the rise among most contemporary business entities operating in the business world as long as they are used in the right manner and at the right time. Business texting is a delicate form of communication in contemporary organizations since they depend on a variety of factors such as seniority levels, the time of texting, the casual relationship that exists between the two parties, the message that needs to be communicated among others. There are several rules and regulations that should be applied in business texting that should ensure that the communication process is efficient and effective.


Texting your boss

It is essential to text the boss every time need arises as it is convenient, fast and cheap. Such texts are meant to sort out urgent issues or to meet any pressing needs that require quick attention. Such messages from the staff to the boss should be short, brief and precise with critical aspects venues of the meeting and the starting time. The texts should also be sent to the boss if only they require immediate responses such as coffee meetings, tea meetings, lunch hour meetings among others. It is also essential to take note never to text vital information and decisions such as failed contracts, quitting one's job, the occurrence of accidents in the company at www.textbetter.com among others.


Texting your team

Text Better texting may be tricky and complicated when texting team members too since they vary in age, gender, organizational positions among others. Every aspect of the message should be relayed to all members and the leaders and managers as well. To have proof of the communication made, the sender can opt to take and safely store the screenshots of the relayed messages and always remain as professional in the texting process as possible. Team texts should take into consideration a variety of factors such as the emotional state of the recipient, their marital status, their age, their position and should always send only during working hours and if you have to do so past the working hours, only emails should be used.


Texting your prospective customer

It is a heavily debated matter in the sales and marketing department, and it is dependent on the rapport that exists between the two parties. Such should also be done within working hours and be brief with clear details. Be sure to check out this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/media/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/e-mail and know more about texting.